Psalm 65 – The Active God

Reflective Moments by marvia davidson

Reflective Moments by marvia davidson

I love the Psalms.  They are reminders of what it means to believe, to hold faith, to trust, and to keep moving forward despite the circumstances of life.

What I love about Psalm 65 is that it’s all about the attributes, action, and responsibility, ownership of a god who is bigger than our imagination.  It begins right away with a promise to be fulfilled without the manipulative hands of man: “to You the vow shall be performed” (NKJV 942).

The Psalmist carries this powerful message through the passage showing us the intricate, active moving hand of the Creator.  I’ve read this Psalm several times before but today, what stands out the most are the action words – of God who was, is, and always will be on the move.

In one way this is about belonging.  It is about redemption.  It is about cleansing.  It is about a promise – a covenant made and kept.

Think about this in Psalm 65: all the things the Psalmist writes about God are words of movement.  The repetitive: you make, you who does, you who are, you who is able, you water, you enrich, and you still.  The Psalmist squares the reality of Who is in charge, taking care of our souls and the world in which we live.  There is not much we can do to make this world operate the way we want it to.

It points us back to who God is and what He can do.  There is such comfort in that knowing.  It is God who makes things happen with and even sometimes without our faith.  He does that which we cannot do for ourselves.  He took it upon himself to be the Creator, Initiator, the One who starts it all.  He gave us a promise, and then did His part and continues to do His part to keep it.  He’s just that faithful.

He doesn’t wait for us to get our act together.  God is a man of action.  He speaks and does and He does what He speaks.

The psalmist is aware of this.  I am now more aware of this.

In honor the this week’s Psalms Journey, I pieced together a bit of found poetry – a throwback to my teaching days where you take a passage of literature, find the best or most impactful bits, and create a poem – no addition, no explanations, just letting the words stand on their own to allow deeper meaning to pierce the soul.


NKJV Study Bible.  Radmacher, gen ed. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1997.

He Pierces Darkness by marvia davidson

He Pierces Darkness by marvia davidson

You Who…

Praise is awaiting You,
The vow shall be performed
You who hear prayer
To You all flesh will come

Blessed  is the man You choose

You will provide atonement

You choose and cause to approach You

You will answer us

You who are the confidence of all

Established with power

You still the noise of the seas

You make morning and evening rejoice

You visit the earth and water it

You greatly enrich

You provide
You prepared it

You water abundantly

You settle
You make it soft,
You bless its growth

You crown the year with Your goodness

Yellow Hill Country Flowers marvia davidson

Yellow Hill Country Flowers marvia davidson



Linking up with Stephanie Spencer at Everyday Awe for Psalms Journey this week. Come join the reflections and discussions.

The Psalms Journey community: a group of people writing through the Psalms. All posts are welcome. This is not about reaching some sort of standard. Or having the “correct” perspective on the biblical text.

This is about joining together as a community to rise up and declare the value and beauty and frustration and power of God’s Word.

(For more details, or to grab the button, click on the Psalms Journey page)


10 thoughts on “Psalm 65 – The Active God

    • Thanks Stephanie, I’ve read that Psalm lots of times, but that day the logos became the Rema and God was standing in front of me reminding me He’s so much bigger than my finite understanding. Thank you for the invitation – this is good or me to remember His eternal word!

  1. The Psalms are my favorite book, and the heart-rending poetry and songs have been rays of light piercing the darkness. What I love is how you demonstrate creating our own psalms… because I believe how we see God, how we imagine Him to be, is how He, indeed, is to us. Our perception is the lens through which we experience Him. The close we get to reality, to real Truth, the more we know Him. Really, I don’t even know the right words to say here… it’s just too huge, you know?

    I think of Psalm 9 and all the “I wills” as David responds to the majesty of God. And I often think that is how we are transformed, as we contemplate who God is and what He does, and then we formulate our own response, like David’s “I wills”.

    I’ll have to check out your Psalms online discussion… it sounds like a Bible study I’d love to participate in – thanks, Marvia! 🙂

    • Kirsten, thanks for reading. I think it was something He really wanted me to grasp hold of – He is at work, I’m not forgotten, and He makes it all happen at just the right time. 😉

  2. Sue’s comment was “I believe how we see God, how we imagine Him to be, is how He, indeed, is to us. Our perception is the lens through which we experience Him.” And that’s what helped me go back and understand how personal (yet how universal) your “found poetry” is. What beautiful juxtaposition, Marvia; thank you for pointing that out!

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