Declaration of Hope, of Restoration, of Refocusing on the One Thing

Psalms Journey Reflection on Psalm 63

God is near.  He is always near.  Closer than the air we breathe.  He never leaves our side, and yet we doubt.  A river of disbelief streams through our veins because of the violent upheaval taking place in our lives.  We forget.  We don’t remember.  In the moment of crisis, our faith falters and we question the infiniteness of this God we believe but cannot see.  Still … He is present.

God's Heartbeat by Marvia Davidson

God’s Heartbeat by Marvia Davidson

Eyes turning, turning, turning back to the One: back to unseen hope.  In swift moments we are reminded that God is still faithful.  I think of the life of King David and ponder how he ever made it.  How did He keep declaring the goodness of God when a madman sought to take his life?  How did he maintain deep faith when he lost is first born son?  How did He cling to God when his family was falling apart – sons betraying him and killing one another, a daughter raped and no immediate justice?  I don’t know that I would have been able to praise God in those storms.  I don’t know that my heart would have survived the brutal heartaches or betrayals.  I think maybe I would have fallen to despair, but that’s where David and I differ.

David was a man who knew the wilderness – the barrenness of dreams gone awry, hope deferred, and life shattered.  David was deeply acquainted with loss, grief, malignment, and even nearly losing a kingdom.  But you know what gets me every time when I think of losing faith altogether? David stayed the course and was even called “a man after God’s own heart.”  How could one leave a God who so acknowledges His child’s relentless pursuit.  That’s David.  This is the essence of Psalm 63.

A Psalm of declaration, of hope, of restoration, of refocusing on the One Thing, and of peace.  This is why David is one of my favorite bible characters.  He was a real man with real problems and trying circumstances.  He is such a beautiful example of belief-in-the-fire living.  He defies the odds.  All because He fought the good fight of faith.  Are you tired of fighting? Do you feel trampled by the storm?  I’ve been there too, so you’re not alone.

When I am shattered, I remember the Psalms of David.  He was hard-core truthful and soul-baring honest with God.  David held nothing back. Perhaps this is what made him a man after God.  He gave God full access to his life: “my soul follows close behind You; Your right hand upholds me.“ That kind of faith requires complete surrender.  David let God know how he was really feeling time and time again.  Even this refrain I find throughout his life “when I remember You on my bed, I meditate on you in the night watches” (NKJV 941).  David always sought God.  He dealt with his human frailty.  When confronted with truth, David didn’t deny it.  He tried to make it right.

Early Will I Seek by M Davidson

Early Will I Seek by M Davidson

So hope comes now, in this moment.  These words jumped off the page to as I read them – a reminder that God is faithful even when our feet are slipping.  You are not lost dear one.  You have not missed your chance.  There is a grace for you in uncommon hours.  Psalm 63 speaks a simple truth to the heart reminding us to whom we can turn when everything is falling apart. Be encouraged as you walk out your faith journey.  Don’t quit.  Don’t give up now.  And in those moments when you want to throw in the towel, remember this:

  1. You may not “feel” like it, but seek God anyway.  You will find comfort and peace.  David did when he says, “so I have looked for You in the sanctuary, to see Your power and your glory ” (NKJV 941).  David didn’t get sidetracked by the upheaval around him.  He set his hope on God, and so can we.
  2. We were made for peace, not worry.  David says, “when I remember You on my bed … because You have been my help, therefore in the shadow of Your wings I will rejoice.”  I love these words – a subtle reminder that worry adds nothing to my life.  When I think about where God’s brought me from, faith rises! Hope increases, and fear dissipates.  There is a safety under the billowy wing of God, and it’s so good and comforting to be in that place.
  3. When I follow Him, then I don’t have to worry about what everyone else is busy doing. Like David wrote, “my soul follows close behind You; your right hand upholds me.” And yes, you will sense the hand of God upon your life in unexpected moments.  He walks that close to His children.  But even if you’ve lost your way, God is still there ready to walk with you.  He holds no grudge.  David must have known this because even when he blew it, he still went after God.

Walking by faith can be a challenge, but we are not alone in the walking.  God is not some far off person who doesn’t care.  He is intimately connected to us.  I want my life to be like David’s – a constant, passionate pursuit of the One Thing.  I want my life to sing of God’s faithfulness in the storm and in the calm.

How about you?  What keeps you moving toward faith or away from faith? What helps you get back to belief?

Reference: NKJV Study Bible.  Radmacher, gen ed. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1997.

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