Demanding Notice

So Much Social

So Much Social

We live in a world constantly screaming me, me, me. Forcing our hands in the competitive air, we demand to be seen. We demand to be heard. We demand to be noticed.  We demand.

The air is noisy – filled with the roaring hum of egos that refuse to be silent.  They assert their souls across our boundaries line making us doubt our own sanity and purpose.

A quiet must come.

A stillness must reign.

Not everything is important, and yet we have made everything of importance. Voices here, there and every where are shouting – clamoring for first place.  Who’s listening?

We are not as important as we thought we were. Perhaps clarity is on order. A kick-in-the-gut of the real reality on what truly matters. It’s not about the followers or getting more numbers of being seen just to be seen just to earn more money.  The constant hustle soon gives way to the breach – the crumbling of it all (our very personhood).  At some point it all breaks down and we are forced to reckon with ourselves.  How long have we neglected our inner being?


It’s not about me. It was never about me. It’s not about you.  It was never about you.  I know that may “hurt” your ego, but it’s the reality. And if I keep forcing my voice to be heard then yes my view is skewed and my vision too small.

Let’s change all that.

You know how you can change the game?

Be quiet. Hear the story of the other soul standing before you. Let them speak. Allow their life to just “be” even if that beingness grates on the hardness of your heart.  Let’s come alongside others.  Let’s allow the strands of our lives to build a common bond that carries us higher and deeper.

Where are you standing today?  Do you need an ear, a shoulder, or an embrace?  Perhaps today is the day you change all that by just being that for someone else.

I’d love to hear your stories.  Let’s connect and share how we can reconnect with our fellow humanity.


12 thoughts on “Demanding Notice

  1. This is a beautiful message Marvia. One of the most challenging Tasks to quiet one self, reflect and listen to the One and Only Voice we should listen too. And then we’ll be able to listen to the many stories which must be told. It’s not about me, it’s about HIM. Took me right back to Kari Jobe’s song. “Jesus, Lover of my Soul.”
    Stay Blessed

  2. My heart beats wildly with these words you penned in wisdom: “Be quiet. Hear the story of the other soul standing before you. Let them speak. Allow their life to just “be” even if that beingness grates on the hardness of your heart. Let’s come alongside others. Let’s allow the strands of our lives to build a common bond that carries us higher and deeper.”

    I totally agree… how important it is to just be still, be quiet, and listen! It’s also the hardest thing to do. I believe if we all did this consistently there would barely be a problem left in the world. Listening is an act of love; and love overcomes all evil.

    Thanks for your marvelous voice, Mavia – you are marvelous!

    • Susan,
      Thank you so much. That’s very encouraging. This has been one of those journey-moments in which I realized I was doing too much of what didn’t mattered while abandoning what does matter – people. Because people matter to God – not our networks, but the hearts of the people. I want to do more of that. Here’s to more stillness, being, and loving others well.

  3. One of the most profound, called-for messages I’ve read in ages. I have the vision of little children shooting their hands up in the air, wanting to be called on because they know the answer. The question is: do we truly know the answer? Or are we just shooting our hands up … for attention. Brava, Marvia!

    • Thank you Sharon for your encouraging words! I certainly don’t want to be shooting my hands up in their air demanding to be heard. Instead, I want to make space for the otherliness in those around me.

  4. Such a lovely message shared here, Marvia. It is indeed time, to empty ourselves of “me” and be the listening ear to someone who might just need it. Some of us already do this, we might just need to do this more often.

  5. I love this because this is exactly where I have been for months – hearing all of this noise, feeling as though I need it in my life, yet inside I know it’s time to silence the hustle and bustle around me and dig deep into connections. Thanks for another great article!

    • Jessica
      Thank you for those encouraging words – hitting the funk and breaking through is tough, but we overcome as we overcome. I am glad to know that I am not alone. Surely we were made for community and connection that draws us closer and deeper to God and to one another!

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