When Sometimes “No” Is the Answer

So maybe it’s a good thing that “it” didn’t come to me, didn’t pan out the way I thought it should.  Sometimes no is the answer.  Sometimes you have to be okay with the “no.”  Perhaps it is for your good, and there is something better – at least those are the lines people tell me, but they’re not walking in my shoes.  They’re not feeling my heartache.  They can’t understand the tinge of disappointment.  They can’t hear the distant hush of the accuser.  They can’t see how it feels like dreams have died in the winter – frozen and not growing.

Winter Dreams Lay Sleeping

Winter Dreams Lay Sleeping

I’d be lying if I said I was happy.  I am only flesh and blood.

When I feel, I feel deeply.  This much I know is true, Jehovah Jireh is my Provider.  This truth I will cling to.  It is what keeps the hope grounded deep in my soul. 

So maybe it’s a good thing, it didn’t turn out how I thought it should.  I can’t see that right now.  It’s hard.  I’ve been trudging along day by day and week by week.  My heart hurts, but it is a healable ache.  There is a Word God speaks to me that reminds my soul that my life and times are in His hands.  Why should I fear?  So in this moment I choose to stand in faith.

I cannot be deterred by the circumstances my eyes see.  I believe that God is doing His handiwork in way I cannot imagine – quietly and strongly He is at work.  I have this promise to which I will cling; “I was created for good works before time began.”  So I say to my soul, fear not your God is with you and for you.

Pleasant Boundary Lines

Pleasant Boundary Lines

God knows, surely He knows.  He is fully aware, and still I cling to this hope, “the boundary lines have fallen to me in pleasant places.”  So maybe I don’t get it all or understand it all, and that’s okay – it’s going to all come together for good, and for His glory.

So, heart, hear and be still.  Your “yes” is coming.  Every “no” is one step closer to the dream and your destiny.  Hold faith, and do not give up.

Maybe you too are struggling to keep hope in your heart because your circumstances defy your belief.  Friends, beloved of God, do NOT lose heart.  God has good plans for you.  Choose to believe and walk by faith and not by site.

Words that bring me hope, and I hope they do they same for you.

Jeremiah 29:11-14
Matthew 6:25-34
Psalm 91
Psalm 16
Ephesians 2
Psalm 46
2 Corinthians 1
Psalm 121

Breakthrough Will Come

Breakthrough Will Come


5 thoughts on “When Sometimes “No” Is the Answer

  1. How is your day today, Marvia? I feel your heart here!

    This past weekend I was out hiking in the mountains and I came upon a huge landslide – we’re talking nearly a whole half a mountain slid down! There was one tree, however, that “STOOD” while all the rest of the trees slid down the mountain and landed in a heap at the base. I took a picture of that one tree, standing TALL and FIRM, unmoved by the effects of the slide. I could see it’s roots, where the ground had moved, exposing bigger branches underground than above ground. The soil along one side of its trunk was pushed up about 6-feet high off the ground, and it made it looks as if the tree was holding up that portion of the hill, all by itself.

    It’s like the tree was mutely saying, “I AM UNMOVED by the turmoil around me. Move around me if you must, but here I stand.”
    In awe, I marveled at this tree for quite some time. I took several pictures.

    Who knows, Marvia…. when you say, “I choose to stand in faith” – even when the whole world is turning upside down on you, maybe God is shining through you at just such a moment to say that, “All things are possible to you who believe,”

    And so I stand with you… and I marvel at what God is doing in the life of a woman who chooses to stand, against the odds, no matter what she sees in the natural… and I believe you will be like this great Ponderosa I saw in the woods this past weekend…. you are a sign and wonder – your life!

    I bless you with strength and courage to keep standing!
    I love your heart, your writing, Marvia – thank you!

  2. I love trees by the way – especially the Oak – such a timely reminder to remain solid in faith, unwavering. It isn’t always easy, but my limbs are being trimmed that I might grow stronger and taller 😉

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