Failed New Year’s Resolutions and This Time Next Year

Failed New Year’s resolutions lay recklessly on the whim of this-time-next-year.

This Time Next Year

This Time Next Year

Maybe you’ve been there too. I’ll do this or that this year. Whatever it is we claim to pledge to do, our resolve to do that whatever-it-it may wane leaving us off worse than we were before.

Do we ever get them done?

I find myself saying it again. “This time next year I will…” (fill in the many blanks for your life).  I think this must be what the bible means when it talks about don’t say you’ll do this or that because you don’t know what the future holds.  Are we really invested?  Are we really going to do it? Did we really ever count the cost?  The only way to tell is in the living day by day – that’s how you know you are accomplishing the goal or the resolution.

You wake up and decide what you will or won’t do. Your next year depends on what you are doing today. Your this-time-next-year critically hinges on the here-and-now.  Ponder that for a minute.  Let it sink in real deep.

It was a fleeting thought for me – but then something settled profoundly in my heart.

Change requires action.     Action requires volition.    Volition requires surrender.

Let's Do This

I Can and I Will

I must give up the foolish notion that things will just happen. I surrender my unwillingness.  My unwillingness must admit defeat if this-time-next-year is really going to come to ripe fruition. Whatever roadblock I have created for myself must surrender – excuses, misgivings, others’ ideas of what I should or shouldn’t do, defeat, sabotage, and hopelessness. Yes, friends. I have to be willing to surrender those things before I can move toward success.  The surrender equips me to fight without the extra baggage of the past.

Each day becomes a fight – a staging ground, if you will, for me to conquer and overcome every objection.  Believe you me, I can make excuses all day long for why the goal or the resolution won’t work out. I can’t let that deter me.

On my way to Zumba with a Fitness Pro

On my way to Zumba with a Fitness Pro

I’m starting a 30-day health challenge. I had to start somewhere. I’ve committed myself to working out 5 days a week. These are not typical routines.  Zumba. Body Pump. CxWorx. They are gut busting, sweat-your-arse-off, and barely-be-able-to-move and keep up kind of routines. Right now that’s what I know I need to kick start my quest for practical longevity.

My Fit Feet. Pretty in Pink

My Fit Feet. Pretty in Pink

Maybe it’s the tiredness. Maybe it’s the soreness or the aching shins. Maybe it’s the upset stomach trying to revolt at such intensity.  I don’t care – I must keep doing, and moving, and pushing.

I know me well. Talk is cheap, but action is loud and gets IT done. This-time-next-year is now. It’s every day. It’s each moment I drag my flabby, out of shape body to the sanctuary of transformation. It’s not just an outer change. My perception of myself is changing too. I believe I am worth this effort. I know I am worth it.  I will be worth it.

I’m knocking down this wall one decision, one moment, and one pound at a time.

me zumba marvia davidson3

About to Start my 1st Zumba Class

You can’t stop me.  Nobody can.  

The only who gets on the way of my imminent success are me, myself, and I.

Maybe you’re in that rocky-hard place right now too. Well, guess what?  You got this!  You can do this!  Consider that “today is the worst you’ll ever be” (Jason Wallace- Zumba Fitness Pro). Consider today the day you slam your stake in the ground and say, “Basta-Enough!  Today I begin to live.  Today I make the change.  Today I believe I am worth the hard work it’s going to take I change my life.”  Today can be that day.

Mind Body Wholeness

Mind Body Wholeness

I have driven my stake into the ground.  I know you can too!  Let’s do this together.  You might just find hidden community from people just like you who are walking actively in the pursuit of this-time-next-year.  They will be your champions, your cheerleaders, and maybe even your accountability partners.

Now get out there, and get it done.

I’d love to hear about your this-time-next-year action plan.

Ready?  Set?  Go!


7 thoughts on “Failed New Year’s Resolutions and This Time Next Year

  1. Go, go, go Marvia!
    I’m with you on the inside-to-outside transformation! You’re right about ending the procrastination and making pro-life decisions moment-by-moment, every day. Choosing ourselves and knowing we are worth it is the attitude that will take us over the wall. I’m with you, sister!
    As for me, this time next year I will be pain-free, no longer crippled by fibromyalgia. I see myself bicycle riding, swimming, and walking every day (weather-permitting) 3x a week. I wish I could Zumba but I live on an Indian reservation with very few people around. Luckily the Indian school has a fantastic pool and even a gym…. so even I have so excuses!
    If you want to kick me, please do. This fibromyalgia is really beating me up these days and I find the pain level is forcing me to slow way down. Some days I can barely move…. but it’s unacceptable! This is not abundant life, and since Jesus promised us real, authentic, bonfide abundance in this life, along with setting the example of defeating disease and illness and pain… well then… this time next year, I am pain-free and exercising 3x a week!

    • Ahhhh Susan. You are an inspiration. God breathe life, healing, and wholeness over you. This story He’s been weaving, this tapestry of miracles is beyond beautiful because you are His treasure. Keep telling the story of His glory. And may more grace abound to you!

  2. Wow Marvia, it just looks like we’re all traveling through a similar season. Go for it, but don’t overdue it at the beginning. Zumba is furious, fast and painful:) It’s always easier when you make yourself accountable. Count on me, I’ll be nosey and I’ll ask for your progress. I have just started my 10K Running program and Boy,it’s not easy. I’m struggling, but I’m doing it. It’s too easy not to do it. And for next year, the Marathon is looming.
    Enjoyed this post.

    • Let us keep encouraging one another to stand firm in the faith and what God has called us to. Thanks for being nosy and asking. It helps me stay accountable and on track. Thank you for taking time to read 😉 One day I hope to run a full mile with no stops or resting.

  3. Wow, wow, wow, I needed this. Thank you Lady Marvia. Hmm those New Year resolutions. I did not make any. i just decided to continue my “to do” list. I carried over what I did not accomplish last year into this year. One thing I wanted to do was to publish my first e-book and that I did. One thing I did not continue to do was to exercise and eat healthily routinely. I fell off the band wagon. Made too many excuses ( my comfortable gym closed and i could not get into another one). BUT now I am repenting. I only have 5kgs to lose (having lost 21kgs in 6 months a while ago) and lose it I will.
    I will support myself by supporting you by asking how you are getting on.
    Thank you for getting me back oh track.
    We can do “all things” through Christ who strengthens us. Yes We Can.

    • Me too, Yetunde, me too. My list is and will be more of a continuation of where I left off last year. Setting small reachable goals is more doable than trying to so it all at once- which almost always never works. Here’s to moving forward!

  4. from Sharon –
    Marvia, here’s my comment that it won’t let me post with my Twitter; insists on which I don’t belong to: I love your enthusiasm, your zeal for catching up on late starts (no, NOT failed resolutions …) I don’t tend to make resolutions, just mark general feelings I want to have in the future. My next action is to continue my 3-times-weekly physical therapy sessions (for the knee surgery) at their full gym next door … to make up for not being able to walk an hour a day since I fell. Can’t wait; I love a good gym! I’ll be watching to see how you do, and I’ll report the same!

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