A Different Revelation

originally written in 2008

A couple of months ago, I had a revelation. Something my mother said made perfect sense; “unwrap yourself from yourself, and wrap yourself around Jesus.”

We, if we are Christ followers, are meant and made to be attached “in” the Vine called Christ. He’s the Vine, and we are the branches. This is where we live, move, and have our being—Acts 17:28. Like tree planted by the water are we—to grow up before Him—not crooked or twisted. We are to be straightened with arms outstretched ever reaching to God; yet something horribly bad can happen when our eyes are averted from the Lord. We begin the “navel-gazing,” and our roots become dislodged from God—they turn in on us; and they begin to strangle us, twisting and contorting.

leaf inside spider web jennifer upton 2012

The tree no longer stands straight and upright. The tree no longer produces fruit. It isn’t standing by the Waters of Life–Jesus. It tries to live on its on never realizing that it’s slowing dying as the roots and limbs to turn in on themselves for so-called life. Death is the result. The head is bowed, the self-made is god, and one can no longer hear nor ascertain the still small voice of God. This is what happens when we become wrapped up in ourselves. How do we get free?

Acknowledge our fault, sin, and dependence on self. Repent and lift our eyes to where they were meant to be—on Christ alone. The Vinedresser—God—comes and begins the process of pruning and cutting back, untangling the mess we made of ourselves. I know no other One who comes to save but Christ alone. I know of no other living giving vine in which we can live, move, and have our being. I know no other God who can lay the ax to the root and still breathe life. I know not one. Only God can save. Only Christ can set us free. Only Jesus can be the living water.

open armed angel jennifer upton 2012

What can we do? We can pray. We can pray, “so here we are God acknowledging our inability to set ourselves free. We humbly admit to You that Life—our life—is in the Vine. Forgive us, and restore us. Untangle the mess we’ve made of our lives. Plant us again firmly in You—Jesus that we might once again have right relationship with You and the Father.” After all, our lives are hidden with Christ in God. Let’s stay close to Him today.


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