When the Seed Dies …

The Life of a Seed …

35 But someone may ask, “How will the dead be raised? What kind of bodies will they have?” 36 What a foolish question! When you put a seed into the ground, it doesn’t grow into a plant unless it dies first. 37 And what you put in the ground is not the plant that will grow, but only a bare seed of wheat or whatever you are planting. 38 Then God gives it the new body he wants it to have. A different plant grows from each kind of seed. 1 Corinthians 15

I’ve been reading the bible all my life, and how did I miss this ?!? In God’s own time he reveals what we are to know at just the right time we are meant to know it.  For me that day is today.

Girl Holding Plant

Death and dying – words I’ve never liked, but in God’s kingdom, death is what brings life.  It’s Good Friday.  Christ has suffered a gruesome death on the cross.  He has died and is laid in the tomb.  The seed of salvation has been crucified and buried.  What will He look like?  What is the outcome?  We know because we are on the other side of the cross.  We know Christ rose again on the third day.  He has the nail scarred hands and a scarred side to prove it.  Salvation now made available to all because Christ suffered and died.  This is the message of the cross.  Christ is our Easter and our eternal hope.

What does this mean for me and for you? Worry not about how your life will become.  Just learn to simply be.  Christ said to know and walk with Him we’d have to carry our own cross (Luke 14:27; Matthew 16:24) – we literally die to ourselves and are raised to newness of life in Christ (Romans 6:4).  Instead live fully an abundant life.  In all that you do remember that you have meaning and purpose.  You are loved beyond measure.  God is birthing in you a good work that He will complete (Philippians 1:6).  Recognize that your life is not your own, it belongs to God.  And if a dream has died, do not think that it’s over.

Red Flower Against Sky by Jennifer Upton

Every seed that dies sprouts and grows.  God breathes life on us.  Perhaps this is God’s mercy when we suffer loss like a job, a dream, a relationship (not to make light of any of those things) but that He might give us something more beautiful than we could have imagined.  I think about my own job loss, and it’s an overwhelming thought.  My career might look dead to my physical eyes, but I choose to believe that somehow God will breath life on it and it will arise again; but who am I to dictate to God how that new dream career should look?  I’ll trust Him to bring a good outcome.  He alone can make beautiful things from the ashes of my life.  In fact, He has shown me that my identity is is Him and never in the work I do.  Wherever I go, I can still be His child, His daughter -sharing the story of His glory.  No job will ever supersede  who God made me to be.  That’s good news!

I also think about the death of my father.  He died five years this week.  I can’t believe that much time has lapsed, and in that time God has done a work in my heart that I never could have seen.  I am grateful for how He used grief and loss to remind me of His unfailing love and goodness.  Maybe that day my dad died, some part of me died.  I can only tell you that today I have a new and profound hope.  I can’t explain it, I just know that God has done a miraculous work in my heart and mind through Christ Jesus.  I now He can do the same for you.  When we give God our ashes, our deadness, our broken lives, our seed of dreams – He does something beautiful.

Cross Photo By Jennifer Upton

It’s Good Friday, and Sunday’s coming.  You may be shrouded in darkness, but Light is coming.  Do not lose hope.  Do not give up.  Hold faith and believe.  Are you willing today to give God your everything?  You won’t regret it.  I have had my ups and downs, but one thing I know for sure: God is faithful, and He keeps His word.  He really does give us beauty for ashes.  He brings to life things we never could have imagined.

May this Easter season find you firmly fixed in hope and grace.  Let’s share the journey together.  How have you seen seeds die in your life and be restored?  I’d love to hear your story.

Have a wonder-filled Good Friday.


Scripture quotations are taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation copyright 1996, 2004, 2007, by Tyndale House Foundation.  Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. Carol Stream, Illinois, 60188.  All rights reserved.

6 thoughts on “When the Seed Dies …

  1. There are so many ways to look at the phrase “death and dying,” Marvia. Literally, figuratively, metaphorically, symbolically for starters. And while different people may apply a slightly different viewpoint, what’s clear is that any transformation requires the ending of one thing and the beginning of another. The period you were writing about was replete with transformation …

    • Thanks for reading Sharon. It seems like most of the good things in life happen when we let go of the past. I like that word “transformation.” It’s the way we change, grow, develop, and leave behind that stuff that no longer works. 😉

  2. I can relate to being willing to lay everything down, to give up everything, even to abandon the very things that are most precious. All I know is that when God says so, that He wants to bring more life, better life, abundance…

    I’m so sorry for your loss of a career/job, Marvia – How are you doing today?

    • Ahhh Susan – thank you for those life-words! It’s only in the letting go that I am becoming more free and more of who He meant for me to be. I’m doing better on the journey because He’s been gracious and long suffering. Thank you for reading 😉

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