You are His treasure. True story!

“I don’t think that happiness is something I have to wait for or even find ultimately in a romantic relationship. I am not living in some sort of false enjoyment of life until I have a husband to make it real. This is my real life, now, and it is disappointing and it is good. And my faith in God is what helps me distinguish those two things.” (Maynard,

Jennifer Upton 2012

by Jennifer Upton

I read an amazing post with a unique perspective on singleness, marriage, relationships, and where God fits in it all.  I recommend you read it.  I loved it because it was a great reminder that life is more than being in love or out of love.  It is more than hooking up or breaking up.  It reminded me that my life doesn’t boil down to a ring on my finger or slaving over a hot stove with children crying in the background.  In fact, what matters more to God is the state of my heart and how I’m relating to the world around me.  I don’t have to wait for marriage in order for me to enjoy my right-now-life.  I can be happy now – as I am!

This just got me thinking about what it is God really wants for my life.  What is His call for me and for you?  The highest call is to know Christ – reconciliation, to be made more like Christ. The chief end of man is not to get married and make lots of babies – although it may be the hearts desire; nor is the chief end of man to seek out “the one.”  It was never about us trying to fill our own void. It was never about us trying to do more to win love and favor. Maybe that’s hard for some of us to bear. But some of us need to let ourselves off the hook. Be gracious with ourselves. See yourself from God’s view – forgiven and accepted. You are loved and have been loved for a long time. God’s had His eye on you forever. You are His desire. Nothing’s going to change that.  In fact God has created you for lots of good works, and the last time I checked the bible said, “ we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” (Ephesians 2:10).  There’s no prequalifier to the verse about the need to hitched or to have a specific relationship status in order to do the good works.  These words have been resting heavily on me – that God loves us without condition and that He as loved us with an everlasting wont-ever-go-away love.  It’s never going to be about what we do or how we perform.  He loves us simply because He just does.  What He’s really after is the image of His son in our hearts (2 Corinthians 15:49).  We are sons and daughters and each a chosen treasure.

So what then? What are we made for first?

1. To love God. 2. To love others. 3. To do what God’s word says. Ahhh the simplicity of the Word- ancient words Jesus taught. The rest is gravy – the things added unto one as one seeks God first (Matthew 6:33).  It’s about our first relationship with God that matters most.

Here’s the more of it…

To know the height depth breadth and width of His love. To know Him and to be loved by Him. To hear Him whisper your name and remind you that you belong to Him forever and always. Nothing we do is going to make him love us any less.

It reminds of the song “Nature Boy;” there’s a line that says “the greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return” or something similar. God loves us most ardently and has from the beginning.  His love is the best love because it is intimate and unconditional. It heals us, restores us, satisfies us, sanctifies us, and enlarges our hearts to love others with grace. The moment you walk, crashing into Gods love, you are changed. The moment you know you have a Forever Love, your perspective changes and know more of who you are and who you were made to be. To learn Gods love is to learn freedom, grace, forgiveness, wholeness, intimacy, and belonging.  You want to know who I am?  I am a daughter of a King.  I am a chosen treasure.  I am forgiven, whole, healed, free, and fully complete.  I am held together my a Savior who bled and died so I could live.  I. Am. A. Child. of. God.  And that is more than enough!

When was the last time you sat still enough to hear God whisper your name? To hear him say “son” or “daughter, I love you – always have and always will. You are the apple of My eye.”  He longs to say these words to you.  God longs for you to know that you are loved as you are whether young or old, married or single, widowed or divorced, clean-cut or messy – God loves us each most intimately.

I pray today that you hear God whisper His love song to your heart. You are His treasure. True story!


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