A Story To Tell

Much like some of you, my time is precious to me. Between four children and a wife I don’t exactly have room in my life to “dilly dally” when it comes to getting any writing done. But I also have a story to tell and don’t feel I’ll be able to rest until its completed. So here are a few examples of how i get things done when I don’t always have time to get things done.

1.Prioritize- I don’t mean you should make writing first. I mean you should make sure you have taken care of the important things in life before you begin you writing process. I love my family and before I can get into my “work” I have to make sure they are taken care of. if I don’t I go into the writing process with outside distractions instead of clarity of thought. This is especially important if you, like me, are a first time writer. There is nothing more distracting to creativity than life itself.

2. Keep it simple- If you’re feeling overwhelmed then you probably are. Don’t be afraid to only do what you can. unless you have an agent and a publisher already lined up there is nothing to keep you from taking your time on a project. No one ever wrote an epic saga overnight. Take your time. The fewer mistakes and rewrites you need, the sooner you can work on getting your work out there. And since you may very well be doing your own editing(and who better to edit than the creator) you’ll want to minimize the time you spend editing.

3. Write it down before you forget-Put it on paper or record it as a note. You’ll never remember every idea you have so be sure to make a detailed note of it. Even during the writing process you can’t be afraid to have an incomplete thought in your work. often I find I have a great idea that isn’t fully fleshed out but if I write it in I’ll have the opportunity to go back to it later. Sometimes after you take a step back from your writing you can see better how to execute an idea or a thought.

from Alexander Wylde

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