Invest in Your Life

The moment you decide to invest in yourself, like for real for real, is the moment the floodgates open; and that thing you were always designed to do flows out of you like a mighty, rushing river.  You can’t stop it now.  You get caught up in it.  You get caught in the undertow.

possibility by marvia davidson 2012

You learn to relax rather than flailing about.  You learn to swim in it.  You learn its ebb and flow.  You learn where danger lurks.  You see where hidden beauty lies.  You learn to plumb the depths. You learn to rise above the water line. You learn to navigate to the shore.  You learn how to dive back in again and again.

The moment you decide to invest in yourself is also the moment the real fighting begins.  “Who do you think you are?” may scream voices from the sidelines.  They may be friend, family, or foe.  Don’t listen to them unless what you’re about to do will cause you harm.  You must answer the call that is yours alone.  This thing that’s rising in you is yours.  It must be heard.  It must be turned to phrase, or song, or art, or whatever form in which you choose to express it.  You must let it live before it dies and before a part of you dies.

The moment you decide to invest in yourself is the moment heaven touches earth because you begin to operate as the person you were divinely created to be.  It is dangerous for us to be who we really are.  It puts naysayers, codependents, skeptics, and no-dream-is-worth-negative-nancys on notice.  It puts you where you need to be in the big scheme of things.  It’s like you’ve declared an unseen war on those things that kept you from fully just “be”-ing.  Fight the good fight.  Your dream is worth it.  You are worth.  It cannot be said enough.

psalm 37

Yes! my friends, this IS your life.  It was always who you were.  Now go make it beautiful.  Make it sing.  Make it shout.  Make it dance.  Make no apology for being you.  Don’t shrink back in fear.  You were made for this.  This is your moment, so join forces with it.  Cooperate, collaborate, and communicate.  I need you to be you.  We need you to be you.  You need you to be you.

The moment you decide to invest in yourself is NOW.  You will find your voice.  You will find community.  You will find an inner rest in “being” and belonging.  It’s the choice I am making.  I think you will find the strength and grace to make it your choice too.

Now my charge… Go!  Live by just…being!  Let that being become what you do. It was always who you were.

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