12 Things I’ll Remember from 2012

  1. God is always with me through fire, wind, drought, darkness, light, and rain.
  2. I was a school administrator – totally a God-thing.  I actually liked my job – hindsight, friends.  It does wonders for one’s perspective.
  3. I went through Recovery – best thing I’ve done in years.  I highly recommend it.  If you’ve got hurts, habits, or hang-ups then welcome to real life.   You’re just like the rest of us, and you’re not alone.  And you can be free.
  4. I was an assistant principal – and then – I wasn’t.  No hard feelings.  I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world. I did the thing I though I could not do.  Tough job.  I grew, matured, and learned more about myself and simply being a fallible human being.
  5. I have known an uncommon grace like never before.
  6. People are people are people are people.  We all need grace.  None of us is perfect.  Extending a little kindness does wonders for the human soul.  There were so many found, mercenary things that happened – my heart was broken.  We are in such desperate need. We who follow Christ must not throw stones.  Instead when the world is crying out in pain or demanding explanation, we must seek God and be His hands and feet.  We gotta stop getting in the way of the message of Good News.
  7. I have more to say, write, sing, believe, be, and do – I bear the image of the Son.  He is jealous for me.
  8. Kairos @Gateway Church –it’s still changing my perspective.  And I know God is faithful to complete the good work He started in me.
  9. I am not bound to my past.  I have a hope and a future.  I’m going to walk in it.  How about you?  God didn’t give us a spirit of fear but of power, love, and a sound mind.  Yeah, that’s good stuff!
  10. I can and do hear from God in different ways, at different times, and He speaks truth.  God confirms His Word!  It is Life.
  11. He likes my sense of humor.  He says I crack him up to when I’m laughing, giggling, and just being me.
  12. God always loves me.  There isn’t anything I can say, do, dream, think, or imagine that will make Him love me less.  This is the good news.  I am forever His.  I am forever loved.  I am beloved.  I am chosen, treasured possession.  I belong.  I love God.  No word or deed can express my gratitude other than my complete surrender to Him alone.  I’m all yours God, and I am looking forward to Your steadfast faithfulness and loving kindness, and all you have for me both now, in 2013, and beyond.  You are Light and Life forever and always.


May your 2013 be one of grace, goodness, revelation, insight, hearing, and deeper life!


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