Reading About Moses!

Reading about Moses!  I am immediately heart-struck at the word of God in the lives of Moses and the Israelites.  It is tough reading – to see how damaging and damning it is to have a hardened heart.  What does it take for us to “get it?”  What more must God do to make His point come through in our lives?

In Exodus 12:43-50 God instructs Moses on the regulations of Passover.  It struck me while reading that God is no respecter of persons.  He loves His children, His people – relationship with the creation.

Think of this.  After Passover – where the Destroyer went through Egypt and stuck down every first born living thing – access to God wasn’t exclusive to just the Israelites.  I’m no theologian, but the though deeply occurs to me God made a way for adoption of those who were not His people, not Israelites, not the chosen.  God, through the Passover, made a way for the “strangers” in the land to enter into the Passover and thus have cleansing restoration of right relationship.

Exodus 12:48

“A foreigner residing among you who wants to celebrate the Lord’s Passover must have all the males in his household circumcised; then he may take part like one born in the land. No uncircumcised male may eat it.

Wow!  There were strangers who become adopted children of God.  Why?  How?

Through the Passover – the blood.  They become as native sons of Israel – no longer strangers and no longer estranged, but now members of God’s family.

I am undone and do not quite have the words to explain what is in my heart.  I only know that God has made a way – plan for all of us to come nearer to Him even at the time of Moses….even though we were not His blood, his first born….still God made a way to draw others in.  So the same should we be – arms open to embrace the outcast, the unlovely, the fugitive, the recluse, the sinner, the saint,  and the excluded.  This, my friends, is grace – total unmerited favor.

Passover in the Old Testament was a precursor to the final atoning work of Christ on the cross.  Consider the next verse in Exodus 12:49, “The same law applies both to the native-born and to the foreigner residing among you.”  One law speaks to me of the once-for-all sacrifice of Christ by which anyone who calls on His name can be saved and become a part of God’s family (Romans 6: 5-10).  I belong.  You belong.  We are no longer orphans or those named “the-ones-who-don’t-belong.”

God made a way for adoption at the Exodus.  God made One Way for all to be saved and reconciled to Himself.  This is a powerful truth.  How are you sharing the message of adoption?  How are you sharing community?  God’s plan of redemption was already taking shape, and it was always by choice.  When one chose Passover, it was a statement of faith – a clear, conscious decision to follow God’s way.  May this year be the year in which we really become the hands and feet of Jesus.


Numbers 15:15-16; 9:14

Hebrews 7:26-27, 9:28

originally written Dec 14, 2012 – one goal this year – to immediately or more quickly post what which is burning in the heart and demanding to be heart.

Now, YOU, Go live with passion, purpose, and greater authenticity in 2013!


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