Amending – It can happen anytime

I think the best part about being a teacher is seeing students past and present, but especially former students, blossom into purpose-driven young men and women.  Their dreams are many, and their futures are so bright.  I couldn’t be prouder.  I am honored that God allowed me the opportunity to be witness to so many young people.  I’m even more grateful that God doesn’t allow us to get in the way of His sovereign work in their lives.

My prayer, Lord forgive me for any of the ways I did not honor you in my work and for speaking craziness to students.

To my former students, forgive me for any mean-ness, cruelty, sarcasm, disrespect, favoritism, ugliness or disbelief.  None of you deserve(d) to be to be treated that way. everyone of your dreams are valid.  No one has a right to laugh at them, to say it can’t be done, or to push you away from them.

May you have strength, wisdom, and peace to continue and reach your goals on this journey we call life.

Recovery is teaching me to live well, whole, and healthy with God and my fellow men and women.  Tonight I have a different perspective.  I can have impact on others, and I want it to be impact that brings God a smile and glory.  I don’t want to get in God’s way.  Now I ask for God’s wisdom and grace that all I do be please to Him even when things are rough.  That I might honor my King for all the days of my life is my one desire

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