Sight Again…

I don’t normally purchase health items online.  But…several weeks I thought I’d try something new – Zenni Optical – an online eyeglass company.  One of my coworkers told me about the company and how she paid less that $20 for new eyeglasses.  I though she certainly had to be joking.  This I had to see.

So I went to see the eye doctor, got my contacts, and my glasses Rx.  I was ready to go.  Zenni Optical’s site is so easy to use.  When I tell you it’s easy, I mean it.  They even have a feature which allows you to upload a picture and try glasses on your photo.  I really liked this feature.  After looking through several pages of frames, I finally settled on a pair.  Ordering was very easy.  The only thing you have to make sure you have is the PD – papillary distance.  Without this, you cannot order glasses, your eye care provider should be able to do this for you for no charge.  Mine did.

Total cost for frames – $6.95 plus Anti-reflective coating $4.95.  I also paid shipping and handling.  Got my glasses in about a week and a half.  They’re near perfect.  I just have to get used to wearing them.  I hadn’t had a new Rx for glasses for over six years.  Overall, I am happy with Zenni Optical and think you would be too.  So check them out.  Tell your friends about it to.  It’s worth it.

That’s just a little something to consider in an economy where folks are trying to save where they can.

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