So I totally used to enjoy Chinese food, but not so much these days.  Maybe that’s because there is far more variety of Asian specialties from which to choose in Dallas/Ft. Worth.  I’ve grown to like Thai and Vietnamese foods.  Of course, I tend to order the same thing from different restaurants.  Changing the taste buds is an adventure in itself.  I wouldn’t call myself an adventurous eater, but I am willing to try a few new things.  That includes, these days, Indian foods.  My sister-in-law can cook some really good Indian food.  I am learning to expand my taste horizons.  So one of my new favorites isn’t even Thai or Vietnamese, but rather Indo-Chinese.

If you’re in Irving, check out the Samosa Hut and Grill.  Thanks to K. and S. for this supper club suggestion.  The samosas are made to order.  I had the chili chicken–fiery, but tasty.  I’d venture to say I’ll try everything on the menu at some point in time, of course not all at once.

That’s a little something to consider for your belly today or tomorrow or for whenever.  You got fave-food spot?  Lemme know.  I am adding to my culinary travels.

Here’s to living well, living to eat, and eating to live.  Life is too short not to try new things.  Go live more!

Short Ribs


Short Ribs and Naan Bread




Peri-Peri Fries

Peri Peri Fries


Chili Chicken.

Naan Bread

Naan again

Chili Chicken. WoW with Spice!

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