Pondering Grace

Tonight. I am pondering grace. Thinking about God and is omnipresence in my unconsciousness. I am amazed. Even more so that He allows me to be part of His gospel by sharing the Good News with a world in need. He came to set captive free. To break chains Isaiah 61. To heal the sick. To deliver those in bondage. To cease torment. To bring restoration, reconciliation, renewal, and friendship. This God is so amazing.

SLK Water Fountain by Marvia Davidson

SLK Water Fountain by Marvia Davidson

There’s a line in a book I just read by Sandra Bricker called Always the Baker, Never the Bride, where a reverend is telling a widowed man that God is with us even while we are unaware.  Even in the midst of overwhelming hurt and pain, He is with us.   In the Latin it reads: ‘Vocatus atque non vocatus dues aderit” meaning “Bidden or not bidden, God is present.” He prayed for the man.  God showed up in an unexpected way.  In another instance, the best friend of the main character is telling her that she and others had been praying for the widowed man to be rescued from his grief and find his way out of it.  The main character becomes a part of his healing and a part of his love story.  There’s a confrontation.  She remembers the words of her best friend about the power of prayer.  This struck me many times over.  There is no other name like the name of Jesus.  There is no other name upon which you can call where peace floods the river of agitation.  There is no other name on heaven or earth that invokes calm, healing, and salvation.  There is no other name like the name of Jesus that that brings man back to friendship with God.  Tonight, I am pondering Grace.  Thinking about the invitational nature of a God I cannot see.

I remember the verse that says where two or more or gathered in my name, there am I –Matt. 18:20.  Christ shows up when we pray.  If you know Him, He’s with you always—even more thrilling is the fact that He can move, live, breathe, heal, restore, renew, and love through you. In those crushing moments when a life’s soul hangs in the balance, we become His hands and feet. When the heart is crying out for freedom and deliverance from the darkness of bondage, we are His hands and feet. We become His invitation to the world. This God-with-Us pierces the darkness around us and draws men unto Himself. Tonight, I am pondering grace. Wondering how it is He loves me so. Straining to wrap my mind around this God of unmerited favor who uses me to glorify His name and bring His kingdom to those around me despite myself and my failings. Tonight I ponder how, in one quick breathe He moved through me to reach one tormented by the evil one. Tonight, I pray for the protection of this soul, and that this lost child come to Jesus, be saved, be healed, and be set free.

Tonight. I am pondering grace. All of Him resides in me. I am undone. So let it be Lord, that you draw men unto yourself. Let it be Lord that we obey Your still small voice speaking Truth to the hearts of men and women all around us. So let it be Lord, that Your Kingdom come. Tonight, I am overwhelmed by Grace.


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