Is It Worth It?

Is any job worth keeping if you don’t like it?  Is any job worth keeping if it’s against your philosophy?  Is any job worth keeping if you aren’t in the job heart, mind, and soul?  Is any job worth keeping if you gets under your skin?  Is any job worth keeping if you have no desire to return there or can’t wait to leave at the end of the day?  Is any job worth keeping if it disgusts you because of its corruptive nature?  Is any job worth keeping if what you good you bring us suppressed or subverted?  Is any job worth keeping if you question the ethics of the persons or organization for whom you work?  I question the notion?  Is any job worth keeping if you sense mental or emotional instability creeping in?  Is any job worth keeping if you don’t feel free?  Is any job worth if you feel inauthentic, unoriginal, or a total fraud?

Who gets to tell you what to do in your life—some higher up or you?  Who gets to tell you how to do your job?  Who?  No one has the right to enslave nor entrap you, and that includes yourself.  So what is to be done?  Is it true that you must do what you love?  Is it really true that you can earn a living from what you’re most passionate about in life?  Is it true that the money will come if you follow your passions and dreams?  I question it all.

Just some random thoughts I’ve been pondering for quite some time.  Getting it out of the system and onto the page—helps me see a little better.  Perhaps all we need we already have and have had for a long while.   Then, here is that thought vaguely hanging in the back of my mind: to thine own self be true.  There is no more and no less.  If we are trapped, it is our own doing.  We gave our power away.  We did not stand our ground.  We folded under pressure.  Was life too much?  We each must stand strong, for there are no fairy tales in life.

God gives us gifts, but how can He bless us if we don’t take forward steps?  Active, waiting, moving faith is all it takes and the belief that God is who He says He is and that He can do what He says He can do.  Yeah, there will always be questions, and sometimes there will be no easy answers or no answer at all.  Is that cause to stop and give up?  No.  No, it is not.  An inward focus may be called for to help you “see” who you are and how you matter.  You’re not stuck.  It may feel like it.  There may even be pressure and the foreboding sense that things are going to go very wrong.  You may even feel like God is playing tricks on you.  He’s not.  God is good and uses the yuck and muck of life to turn out for His glory and our good.  You may even feel like the doors have slammed shut in your face.  Fear not.  No cause for alarm.  God knows.  Yeah, He already knows.  The hard part is trusting Him with the details while you move forward in faith—active, moving faith.

I have no answers.  I’m faithing it with every fiber of my being.  It is difficult.  This is not an easy journey, but I have His promise.  He’s never going to leave me nor forsake me.  God’s word to all of us no matter what: “Do not be afraid.  I am with you always.”  I’m clinging to that one.  God is who He says He is.  I am His child.  He knows my situation.  He knows my concerns.  He knows your concerns.  He even knows I have more questions than answers that I’d care to admit.  And yes, He even knows I falter in my believing Him.  Guess what, it doesn’t faze Him.  He knows we are but frail men and women, and at just the right time, He sends His words of Life inspire us, to carry us, lift us, protect us, and wash us.  This, I suppose, is the real journey of faith…believing God no matter what.  Yeah, I’ve got questions, but for now, He is my only answer—faithful and true.  He’s all I’ve got and all I’ll ever had that does not change, fade, wilt, or die.  He is my forever, and He is my after.  Always.

Luke 12:32

Hebrew 13:5

Matthew 28:20


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