Just A Thought…

beautiful woman m davidsonThe world is a very funny place. You come into not knowing anything, and you leave it with nothing; but in between are the pages you leave behind as a legacy. I see it all around me. Legacy is happening–by choice, on purpose, by accident, haphazard…legacy is happening. I think of something someone once told me….Gold dust. Every where gold dust. Where I leave my mark is like leaving little bits of gold dust here, there, and every where.

Is it good? Is it bad? Is it fruitful or meaningful? Questions to which I may never have an answer, but still I move forward. Someone out there depends on it–depends on me to be me, for me to live an authentic life, for me to share my giftings and abilities with a world in need. And what of my Savior? It must be all unto Him–for the glory of His name, for the wonder of His majesty and splendor, to point to the Infinite Light of Hope.  That is all I really desire.


I come into this world knowing nothing, but I have the opportunity to leave behind something of Him–something that points others to Him. This becomes my legacy..what I choose to do with my right now life. No more moping around, griping, groaning, or complaining.

And you!  What about you? What is your gold dust?  What is your hint of magical sprinkle?  What are the words you need to give flesh and bone to?  Just a little something to consider today.

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