Friendship with the Savior

you hold them in your heart–friends. you hold Christ in your heart. and when you face the storms, you remember his goodness, you allow him to prove you faithful–like he did with Job. then one day you hear him whisper……”well done, faithful one.” that’s friendship with the savior. and if our lives should take a nasty turn and we never get to where we think we should be, he is still God, still worthy, still our Father, still Lord, still Maker, and still, always Friend……

He’s more friend to us than we are and may ever be to Him….but still he loves and shows himself long-suffering and most patient with us. i love this God who stakes his relationship on me–fragile, unfaithful, and imperfect as i am. he still chooses us with all our failures, misgivings, and lack of faith–still, he loves us. that’s friendship with the savior.

and when those crashing waves seem to silence the calm of his voice and we turn tail and run…still, he is there-arms wide open…waiting and watching for us. that’s friendship with savior.

and when our faith wavers no matter how little or long we have known him and walked with him, he finds no fault. he doesn’t point out our weakness and tell us how badly we’re doing. he doesn’t show anger at our inability to “get it right all the time.” no. he is merciful and kind–drawing and wooing us back to relationship with Him….that’s friendship with savior.

when he beholds us trying to “fake it till we make it,” he gently shows us that it’s okay to be real with him. look at his relationships with david, moses, jeremiah, and isaiah. did they not wrestle with God and show the depth and breadth of human emotion? and yet still, God was good to them. that, beloved, is friendship with savior.


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