So I like BBQ, but I really enjoy tasty brisket.  So, if you’ve  got a Saturday, and one heck of an appetite, you gotta go to the BBQ capital of Texas.  Decide for yourself it bbq is better with sauce or without.  People have serious preferences, I prefer just the meat–sauce on the side.  You don’t want to cover up the taste of the meat.  I want to taste the beef I’m eatin’!

So, where is it?  It ain’t in San Antonio, and it ain’t even in Austin.  Try Lockhart, TX about an 1 1/2 hours from either place and well worth the drove.  Here are all the ones I like have eaten at…..

Kreuz Market Inc – (512) 398-2361

Black’s Barbecue – (512) 398-2712

Smitty’s Market – (512) 398-9344

Chisholm Trail Bar-BQ

and then there’s Salt Lick….in Driftwood.  You want good food, you gotta take the time to get there.  You know you’re gonna love it.


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