Marvelous by His DesignI don’t feel like writing. Does any one ever “feel” like doing anything? I suppose that is why the discipline of writing is so tough. One must summon the courage to face the blank page. One must record thoughts and ramblings. One must persist. You never know when that “one great thought” will present itself. So I write–type rather. It is my custom to write by hand in a journal. There’s something therapeutic about it, but I am finding that the online narrative of life works just as well. So that was my little something to consider for today. That and the fact the God loves me. God loves you. Nothing you can do will make Him you less.

God pursues us. He wants relationship with us–intimate communion. WOW. The God of all creation has a desire for you and I. Amazing. Feel His love. Hear His voice calling out to you…whispering over the silences in your life…he says…. “I love you. You are forgiven because of the blood my Son, Jesus, shed. Come to me, and you will find rest for your soul.” So today, considering returning to the King. He’s waiting for you with outstretched arms. You’ll find no greater love.


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