An Unscheduled Stop

May 5, 2008

Revised 2/20/2009


There’s a scene in Under the Tuscan Sun in which the tour guide says ……. “Hey everybody, just an unscheduled stop…”  How many times have I seen the movie or even felt the phrase?  It lives and breathes in our being.  Change.  The unplanned plan of life.  The happening.  The here-I-come-whether-you-like-it-or-not-or-whether-you’re-ready-or-not attitude of the tides that come crashing upon the shores of our lives.  We slowly walk along, and are quickly thrown off balance, indeed, off course.


Where I have purchased land in a foreign place?  Was it in my soul?  My heart, mind, body, being, employment, family, or friends?  Soil and ground.  Rooted and planted.  Growing.  Shrinking.  Swelling.  Movement and momentum. 


An unscheduled stop everyone.  Where is your rock and hard place?  Your pause?  Your wait?  Your stay-here-a–minute?  It is moving and grinding along the vein of life.  It beckons to be heard.  There is a reckoning day to come.  Ready or not here it comes.  It will find you.  Off kilter.  You won’t “feel” like “it” or anything.  Where is the safety zone?  The safety net?  There can be no fear when life throws the lemons.  There can be no hesitation when it comes to deciding for your life if, how, and when you will live.  You see you must simply live and live simply.  There is and can be no other way. 


There are rocks along the paths in our lives.  Dry deserts longing for us to be stuck and scorched to death.  There is a river calling.  It’s refreshment for and to the soul.  A little sand, some pebbles, stones, and boulders.  Some over which we climb.  Some we simply toss, while others stand boldly in our way daring our dauntless energy to push, shove, and move them out of they way.


Stripped of all that was once a comfort, now you must fight for yourself, by yourself, alone—yet not alone.  Don’t stop.  Don’t give up.  Though you are tired, there is rest for the weary.


Where is your unscheduled stop?  Do you bravely move forward in a direction you had not previously planned on going, or do you desire to move backward?   You have a choice.  Cease believing and saying that you have no choice.  It simply isn’t true.  You cannot worry over what you cannot control.


Everyday.  A new opportunity.  So what will you do with this “stop”?  Will you tread upon foreign soil and plant a new life, a new seed; or will you shrivel up and die?  That’s no way to live.  Choose life.  Choose to live. Choose to take a chance.  Choose to move forward.  Choose to dream.  Choose to make sunshine in the cloudy darkness.  Choose to light a fire that can only come from within.  No one else will give you light.  Only the One can.  You wish, desire, hope, and long for it.  Now is the time…….. You were made for such a time as this. No more tears.  Let’s get moving.  Today it is something to seriously consider.  


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