Idols from Your Own Hands

What have you created?

Jeremiah 24

Have you made an idol today by your own hands? You know the crafty kind. They look so beautiful to the eye, and are perfect in everywhere. Yet, their charm is deceitful, if not vain. Has your idol drawn you from the heart of God? Has your idol become your mouthpiece? Has your idol become your dream, your all, your everything? That job you want, the marriage you desire, the friends you have…have they become your idol—made by your own hands. God’s word as much to say about putting anything or anyone else before him; but oh how our great God is long-suffering, patient, and kind. He even repeats himself throughout the ages, and the message is always the same—“Will you return to me?” Who could resist the call of love? And yet so often because we are tied down by the weight of the world or our own desires, we cannot hear, or we miss hearing him. We pursue lives outside of Him who gave All because we have what we suppose to be our “fire” insurance. Yet, God is still in pursuit of man. Yes, He’s pursuing me, and He’s pursuing you.  Can you give up your idol? Are you willing to let it go so that you can have more of the abundant life?

God, our Abba Father, does not desire our harm, but our good. He desires relationship with us, but he will not force himself; at the same time, he will not knock on the door of our hearts forever. There will come a day, a time when we must make our final accounting with him. We either choose Him, or we don’t. We will either spend eternity loving him in close proximity, or we will be forever separated from Him because we sought our own good apart from him. The choice is yours.  Choose life

It’s just a little something to consider for evening.



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