A Little Something to Consider

It only takes a moment to notice.  Something.  Little, tiny, miniscule, unimportant.  There are so many things we take for granted in life.  Today, I want to reconsider.  I want to reconsider how I live my life.  I want to reconsider the idea that my life revolves around me.  In the grand scheme of things, I am part of something much greater and bigger than myself.  Reassuring.  A second chance to take care of the small things before they become large things.  A moment to stop and smell the roses—to even realize that there are myriads of other flowers awaiting my attention.  A time to look beyond the rose tinted lenses.  A time to look at what really matters and be apart of the big picture the expands beyond my simply life.


So I welcome all who read to ponder, to rethink, to delve deep.  Here is something to consider….


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