Hidden Treasures

I’ve lived much of my life in compartments.  Writing about difficult subjects made me tear down walls and rebuild foundational dreams.  I could see hope in the spaces between the healing and the hurt.  They were not in vain.  An invitation to just be and to be whole drew me in.  There was room, spacious room, for my heart to live a better story even among the ashes.   

Living through the uncomfortable places forced me to see the coals of my life, only they were no longer coals.  Glimmers of diamonds burst from crushed and bent places.  Losses were no longer dead weights around my neck.  Losses were no longer shameful or points of contention to be avoided.  The compression, the intense pressure, and pain no longer frighten me.  Instead, they remind me God makes beautiful things from the dust of my life.  

unearth marvia davidson

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Soul Stirrings

Be your whole self. It matters!

The signs around me have consistently foreshadowed this message from sermons, secret messages, and conversations on being and belonging to the Marquis that read “identity management.” I think the message is clear. I get it. Being authentic is sometimes hard work. How do you wade through the noise of the world yet maintain a solid focus? Pruning and self-knowing.

Maybe you’re not ready for that or maybe you wonder how. Perhaps you’re not even sure. I want to encourage you to be yourself. There’s only one of you in this world. I know it may seem uncomfortable, but when you are fully yourself, you fit like a glove. Lean into fully being yourself even if that means brushing up against someone else’s preconceived notions.

You have your own story to live out. Let’s learn to just be. The doing comes from the “be”-ing.

A challenge for you today for leaning into authenticity…

Consider the art collage below.
What does it evoke in you?

by Marvia Davidson

by Marvia Davidson

What is calling you to dream again? Write the whispers you hear in your soul. No self editing here…just dream storming. Let it be what it will be. Take a deep breath. Now, write.

Share (online or in real life) a story, a piece of art, a photo, an article, blog post, song, or something creative that expresses that whisper.

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Why Real Talk Matters to Me

Story Sessions is a writing community I joined last year.  It’s a community of women who write, dream, create, and encourage one another.  A couple of weeks ago, I was interviewed on how Real Talk Tuesday came to be.

I didn’t intend to start Real Talk Tuesday.  It was one of those things that just happened (though I think something like it was always rumbling around in my heart).  It was an offshoot of where I wanted to take my own writing, but I wanted to do it in community.  A few months ago I took part of a healing support group called Mending the Soul.  It’s changed my life (keeps changing my life), my perspective, and how I see authenticity and living out truth.  It was all about dealing with hard truths about one’s self and its impact on how we relate to people and issues in our lives.  It’s more than that, but that was the impetus toward healing and restoration.

broken years_marvia davidson
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Fragile Moments

When I lose my way because of fear, doubt, disbelief, or too many chatty world choices – I run to God. I am a person of faith, and lately that faith has been challenged. Look much at the whole and all that overwhelm, disarray, and conflict? It’s emotionally, spiritually, and mentally exhausting.

So today, for when your heart breaks, I offer these words.


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Pruning {Say No}

I don’t like the word no.  Does anyone?  It’s such a hard word sometimes.  Yes just rolls off the tongue a whole lot easier.  Yes doesn’t push back.  Yes doesn’t question.  Yes doesn’t conflict.  Yes doesn’t ponder.  It simply gives way.  And before you know you, you find yourself inundated with more things to do than you have hours in the day to complete.  Maybe “no” isn’t so bad after all.

pruning marvia davidson

I sometimes wonder if the human spirit understands impending change more than the human mind.  There must be some divine capacity for the human spirit to assess change and prepare the rest of the mind and body for impact.  No, this isn’t doom and gloom.  This is real talk pruning, saying no, and reassessing the why.

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